Does Your Parent Need Senior In Home Care?

A Few Tell Tale Signs That Your Parent May Need Home Care

Most aging people state that they would like to remain in their homes for as long as they can. The problem is that as you age, living on your own can become increasingly difficult. If you have a parent who lives on their own, you need to know what the signs are that tell you they need senior home care. Quality in home care is available in the Palm Springs, California area by one of our partner providers Caring Loving Sharing Caregivers.

Physical Or Body Signs

There are a few physical signs that you need to look for when you visit your parent. When you hug them you should take note of their weight and if they feel frailer than the last time you saw them. Weight loss could mean that they are having a harder time making meals for themselves or they are not able to move around the kitchen as easily as before. In some extreme cases, weight loss could be a sign of dementia as your parent forgets how to cook.

Bruises are another physical sign you should look out for. Bruises could be a sign of accidents and falls which your parent is reluctant to admit happened. An in-home caregiver can ensure that your parent is eating correctly and help prevent accidents which could be causing bruises.

A General Decrease in Their Mobility

If your parent has trouble walking or moving around, you need to consider home care. Decreased mobility can make routine activities such as going to the shops much harder. There are other daily activities which could become harder for your parent to complete such as washing and moving around the house. This can lead to additional problems such as malnutrition and social isolation.

Starting to Get Forgetful

One of the most common signs that your parent needs home care is an increase in forgetfulness. While everyone forgets about things at times, an increase in the frequency and severity of this is a warning sign. If you feel that your parent’s memory is interfering with their daily activities, you need to seriously consider home care.

When you are ready to seek out an in home caregiver, you should recommend that your parent visits a doctor. It is possible that their memory problem could be the symptom of a different medical condition that you need to know about.

There are many signs that your parent may need home care. It is important that you know what these signs are and when you should consider hiring a home caregiver. Of course, it is important that you speak with your parent about this before you make any decisions.